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"Prisoners of Expectations" - when your mind becomes your prison

The album saturated with electronics in combination with acoustic drums, double bass, saxophone and romantic vocals was recorded in a tiny shed in Polanówka - a small village near Lublin. As you listen to this material that eludes genre classifications, Artificialice's vocal guides you through successive, often surprisingly different character songs, offering the listener a story about discovering their identity, freeing themselves from the prison of their own and others' expectations created in their minds.

Alicja Sobstyl, who works under the moniker 'Artificialice', is a composer, songwriter, vocalist, flutist (e.g. Klawo) and producer. The project is characterised by hypnotic vocals reminiscent of Bjork, others mention Hiatus Kaiyote-style arrangements and uncompromising electronic sounds inspired by Sophie or Arca. It's a combination of dehumanised electronics and vocals saturated with human emotions. And it’s not worth having expectations.


Written and performed by Alicja Sobstyl, Krzysztof Hadrych, Tomasz Rafalski, Ziemowit Klimek, Maciej Świniarski, Alan Kapołka, Michał Jan Ciesielski
Lyrics by Alicja Sobstyl, Maciej Świniarski (Forgotten Dreams)
Recorded by Szymon Zalewski, Maciej Świniarski, Ziemowit Klimek, Krzysztof Hadrych, Michał Jan Ciesielski
Mixed by Stendek, Envee
Mastered at Legatomastering by Marcin Bociński
Cover photo / pictures inside by Paweł Bajew / @pawel_bajew
Promo pictures by Maciej Rybicki / @morethanbreath
Graphic design, typography by Zuza Rogala / @typez.co
Executive production by Alicja Sobstyl, Tomek Hoax

Album available on streaming:

Alicja Sobstyl
+48 530 547 771

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